Please follow instructions step by step. If you need to provide your email address, be sure to use the address as stated in the Roster.

Go to an click on Go to ClubRunner (for the time beying are connected to ClubRunner immediately)

In this EXAMPLE we use Rotarian named:   "Mrs. First Lastnamespouce-Ownname"

Login: flastname7454

PASSWORD: flastname

Once in ADMIN (you go to Admin)  =>Admin, just under the title-bar of  My ClubRunner, you see the line => Edit My Profile  => double Click
You see some strange girl/guy in white and gray. Put you own picture there or send me a nice picture (My e-mail address is in the Roster) and I will put it there for you. After any change always SAVE.
If you need HELP, please feel free to ask.

As an alternative:

You can directly go to:        and LOGIN same way

Any problem, Send an email with your questions to:

  (PimmBlankevoort AT  hotmail DOT com)  ............. AT  = @ and ¨ DOT ¨ =  ¨ . ¨ and of course no spaces or look for my e-mail address in the Roster.


Pimm Blankevoort