RCC Golf Tournament

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Annual Rotary Golf Tournament
Saturday August 17, 2013

Fundraising on behalf of 
The Rotary Scholarship Program

this event will be at the Curacao Golf & Squash Club te Emmastad.

Tournament: We will have 2 flights (one in the morning and one in the afternoon.)

Fee: Naf.175 (  $ 100 )  match fee + dinner + 2 drinks, non-players can dine as well for Naf. 45

Music : Gino Coelho   time : 7.00 p.m

Raffle with great prizes:  10 NAF a ticket.

The food will be the famous Indonesian buffet by Jeffrey + Maureen King

                       THE ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM  

Rotary Scholarships provide financial assistance to students, of less privileged families, attending HAVO/VWO.  We started in 2011 with 8 students, in 2012 we have accepted another student in the scholarship program and this year, if we are able to get the necessary funding, we will allow another student in the program. The scholarship provided, covers books, uniforms, tutoring, mentoring and extra-curricular activities for 8 recipients.



The Golf Tournament Committee.