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RCC President Daisy Tyrol-Carolus along with a number of scholarship students            

After adding two new students to the scholarship program, RCC is now sponsoring 10 students (being 2 @ 3VWO, 4 @ 3HAVO, 1 @ 2HAVO, 2 @ 1HAVO, 1 @3VSBO).  RCC is very proud of these kids and their achievements!



Everyone deserves an equal chance at good education! That is one of the goals that Rotary strives for. This school year the Rotary Club of Curaçao has awarded a scholarship to Giovanni Calvenhoven, a student that qualified under the guidelines of the Rotary Scholarship Program.

The Project/Cause

The Rotary Scholarship Program is a program of the Rotary Club of Curaçao. The objective is to assist children from families with financial need to achieve their maximum potential. Rotary believes that these kids deserve an equal chance at a good education.


Scholarships are awarded to students that will attend VSBO, HAVO, or VWO, and who have proven themselves worthy of sponsorship by showing strong academic results. So far there are 10 students in the program, being 2 @ 3VWO, 4 @ 3HAVO, 1 @ 2HAVO, 2 @ 1HAVO, 1 @3VSBO.

Donation details

Even though education is free in Curaçao, it is often difficult for parents to cover all the costs related to giving their child a proper education. Rotary provides scholarship recipients with funding to cover such additional expenses such as school books, uniforms etc.

This support is given for 4 or 5 years, while the student attendance the HAVO, VSBO, or VWO. During this period Rotary monitors the student’s progress on a regular basis to make sure the student remains on a positive track to success.


Rotary Club of Curaçao generates funds and donations from several sources to support the Rotary Scholarship Program. The more that is raised, the more scholarships can be awarded! 



Additional Information

For additional information about the Scholarship Program, or to give a contribution please contact Pieter van der Valk