SEMINAR setup:  

We set up the room in the “auditorium” format, with a head table and a number of chairs facing the head table.  

Seating                                    : 60 persons

Head table seating                    :   8 persons

Total contribution of Naf. 475, includes:  

  • room contribution                   Naf. 200
  • utilities contribution                Naf. 50
  • room set up                           Naf. 125
  • tablecloth                              Naf. 50
  • cleanup contribution               Naf. 50



We set up the room with a head table and with round tables, with tablecloths. This is ideal for a large lunch or dinner

Seating                                    : 8 round tables of 8 persons = 64 persons

Head table seating                    : 8 persons

Total contribution of Naf. 575, includes: 

  • room contribution                 Naf. 200
  • utilities contribution              Naf. 50
  • room set up                         Naf 175
  • tablecloths                           Naf. 100
  • cleanup fee                          Naf. 50

Other variations (all same contribution as ROTARY setup):


We set up the room with U-shaped or O-shaped table with tablecloths. 

Seating                                    : 30 persons



We set up the room in auditorium style, but with two round tables on each side. 
This allows the participants to break up in to groups.  

Seating                                    : 36 persons


Payment of your donation must be transferred to the following account:

Bank                                    ORCO bank 

Account no.                        101 900

Account name                   Rotary Club Curacao

Please mention (a) your name (b) date of function and (c) your confirmation number when making the transfer to assure that your payment is properly recorded.  

If funds are “deposited” (rather than transferred) in our account, please email a copy of the deposit slip. Please email us once your payment has been made.